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Simple. Yet (slightly) complicated. I'm Celeste. Beautifully Raw in exchange for Full Life. Going Against the Grain.

Jesus lover. Adventure seeker. Well rounded girl (I'd like to think) who just needs to write for the soul ......Oh, and for you ;) 

I seek out my new adventure, back roads, good food, and the edge of my own "limits." 

I am making my way around the world and so far have 17 countries marked off and much of the US. Life is an adventure and I intend to play! 

I may write to bring awareness and advocate for the trafficked girls I met overseas, OR I may write about pointless subjects like the essence of jalepeno cheetos and how they captivate me and I just. can't. control. myself. EVER.

(you must try them)

I appreciate HUMOR, LOYALTY, LOVE, HONESTY and GRACE. Not in that order, but definitely in ABUNDANT PROPORTIONS.

I'm not known to hold my tongue on subjects I feel convicted about. I'm not a bull dozer but I'm not a sugar coater. So IF I err' say anything to offend you, please go ahead and  just "share" my blog  while you're dwelling on it ;)

....because if we all JUST LEARNED to support each other instead of tearing each other down the world might be a much better place! 


xoxo  -Celeste