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Simple. Yet (slightly) complicated. I'm Celeste. Beautifully Raw in exchange for Full Life. Going Against the Grain.

Jesus lover. Mother to a handsome boy. Adventure seeker. Well rounded woman (I'd like to think) who just needs to write for the soul ......Oh, and for you ;) 

I seek out my new adventure, back roads, good food, and the edge of my own "limits." 

I am making my way around the world and so far have 17 countries marked off and much of the US. Life is an adventure and I intend to play! 

I may write to bring awareness and advocate for the trafficked girls I met overseas, OR I may write about pointless subjects like the essence of jalepeno cheetos and how they captivate me and I just. can't. control. myself. EVER.

(you must try them)

I appreciate HUMOR, LOYALTY, LOVE, HONESTY and GRACE. Not in that order, but definitely in ABUNDANT PROPORTIONS.

I'm not known to hold my tongue on subjects I feel convicted about. I'm not a bull dozer but I'm not a sugar coater. So IF I err' say anything to offend you, please go ahead and  just "share" my blog  while you're dwelling on it ;)

....because if we all JUST LEARNED to support each other instead of tearing each other down the world might be a much better place! 


xoxo  -Celeste