Cockpits and Joy

Rewind 18 years. Mom said Drew and I got a present from Dad! We were so excited we tore into it.........genius. It was a gigantic poster of a cockpit, the one he worked in. x2 (ya know, because you just can't share a thing like that)

We posted those things on the wall, drew wasn't allowed to be the pilot of mine, only co-pilot and vise versa. LOL. We were in heaven! Our family has a love for planes, copters, pretty much anything you can fly, and flying itself. 

Fast Forward. I'm 25 now and still get excited about flying, I mean, I once even tried to join the military to be a fighter pilot....I'm too short and have tattoos so that's a no go. (my adult hood motion sickness kinda kicked THAT out the door too!) Dad told us the night before we were going to an RC show the next day. (radio controlled aircraft aka not my cup of tea, but drews and dads) 

We woke up to a slow morning. Coffee with some creamer. Rye toast, egg, avocado, Jesus. We headed to the hanger to see these RCs that people spend like 6k on as a hobby, which annoys me. But when we got there I realized.....planes! Real planes, WW2 re-enactments, old music playing over the loud speakers (MY cup of tea!). 

Drew and I stood behind a plane as it started hee hee!

They had everything set up in WW2 mindset and even had "set ups" you could tour...

After we were done fooling around, Dad said we were going to go see his friend who was sitting across the field. I'm tired. I'm hot. I'm ready for home. We pull up and BAM. There it is. This beautiful cesna sitting in his personal hanger. like whoa. I may have started to salivate. LOL

Steve let us sit in it, turn it on, showed us all the controls, radios, etc. We got our own personal tour! It took me right back to when i was a kid with my dad's cockpit poster. What a truly great surprise!! God knew what was on the other side of that field and what my heart needed that day! It was an awesome time and I real truly enjoyed every bit of it (even the RC part). yes. me. 

this was us after the day was over. 2 tired dogs!

this was us after the day was over. 2 tired dogs!