Mama's Rocking Chair

I was sitting in mama's room on her old rocking chair around midnight after stuffing ourselves full at grandma's house in celebration of mom's life. Drew was there and they were talking amongst themselves as I zoned out with my full, tired eyes. And BOOM. This huge idea sprouted and I quickly blurted out what I was thinking, “Ma? I want to go on a trip around the U.S.” She looks at me, then Drew looks too. I imagine they were probably thinking, “How long this time? The World Race was long enough!” She waited for me to speak again while we stared at each other, eventually my smile cracked and I thought for sure I knew what she was thinking.

So I began to explain further, “like really soon. I don't have kids and am not married, so now is the time and it's my 1 year World Race anniversary.” She replied “Absolutely, I think you should. How FUN!”

And there the seed was watered and I started day dreaming from that point on. I "broke" the news to my boyfriend praying ahead of time that God would prepare His heart because that's not something any human is able to do. He received it well, reminded me of safety tips and said, "If this is what you feel in your heart you need to do, then do it." This trip means a lot more than fun or just something to fill time. To me it's like my own walk-a-bout only it's stateside this time. More so a spiritual journey, me and God time, Him filling my cup so that I can pour out to others.

One month later and I'm on the road again. Traveling has become a passion of mine. It's like cracking open a door to a small room full of interesting people of every race and culture. You smell the aroma, see beautiful colors, unfamiliar dances, and words that sound of gibberish. You want, no, NEED to go in and hear their stories! It seems like the ones with the most captivating stories have big beards and big bellies, possibly suspenders. You CAN'T just crack open the door! You want to run and jump on the bed, hands underneath your chin... positioning yourself to soak up every word as a picture reel scrolls though your head.

I'm writing this in the car while Drew drives. We are headed to Ohio after spending a day in Maryland/DC. And I look back and think about how crazy it all came together. All my plans fell apart, 80% of who I was going to see where busy on those dates, or out of town. Some even cancelled after I bought tickets (for good reason). I had to cancel my plans to drive myself, or use Amtrak because I took a bit of a financial cut. BUT STILL God made everything come together for my own good. But I had to learn all over again to trust in Him FULLY. (like everyday)

I'd love to take you on my Journey, so I'll be blogging all the time, maybe it will reach someone that truly needs that inspiration and a peek into that small room to ignite the fire within.

Or not. Maybe you'll just get some cool recipes, either way I want to thank YOU for being my GUEST!